My Thoughts of My Imminent Move

In two short weeks, I shall be moving alone for the first time in my life. I shall be leaving the comfortable nest of my parents, something every new adult must come to do. I am also leaving my fiance for a long period of time. I will be moving back to my homeland; to Wales.

Brecon Beacons, Wales

I discovered Heathenry from my father in this home. A home full of frith before I even knew what frith was. This is where I first developed my hearth in a Heathen way, and also my hearthcult.  Leaving this home has forced me to think of these matters a lot more. For times are changing, and so must my practice.

My father and I found and converted, though I loathe using that word, to Heathenry about a year apart. And through certain circumstances, I have had more free time to study and learn while he provided for the household. So for the intent of ritual, both high and low, he entrusted me to offer for the hearth, once he was confident that I had learned a sufficient amount. Whether he intended to or not, he granted me an honour I have taken very seriously. Like a lot of my life, it was a trial by fire.

Through the past year of being my family’s Þingere, intercessor, I would like to think I have grown as a Heathen. I have seen the Luck of my family grow. I have seen frith-bonds be tested by not only me and my hearth, but my tribe as a whole, and be strengthened by these trials. I have seen my entire worldview shift. The good of my hearth and the bonds that entail now dictate every action, a good amount of that time without hesitation. My ancestors have become a major part of my life, rather than just the dead people of my family. Others have seen a noticeable change in me because of this. I am not just a Heathen in my religion, I am a Heathen in all things. But now, I must relinquish the role of Þingere back to my father. I cannot meaningfully offer for a hearth I live 3,000 miles away from.  And I have to say I am better for it.

So in a fortnight tomorrow, I become a solitary practitioner. Something I have yet to experience. This causes some new confusion, though I’m sure I shall move past it. Hearth, and therefore hearthcult, dynamics will shift into unfamiliarity. I will offer for myself alone rather than for my family. What this means for my practice remains to be seen. Again, this will be a trial by fire in the months and years to come. I am excited about this journey.



Speaking of my practice, I am working on a short post based around my wīgbed, inspired by the posts made by Hrafnblod of Grenning Hund Heorþ, and my muddled hearth practice that no one really cares about. But I will post it nevertheless. It is at least something I can post that will have some sort of length to it.

I post more infrequently than I would like. Part of the reasoning is because of the people I follow; whether that be on here, Reddit, or the couple good Facebook groups. I see no reason to post arbitrary articles on subjects that other hearths have covered before in a far more eloquent light. Perhaps this is insecurity about the knowledge gap. Knowing that the only people who follow this blog are the people I aspire to be like. Perhaps that will fade once I truly develop a concrete practice once settled in my own home in Wales.

[Edit: I hit the publish button rather than the preview. I am not as good at this as I wish I was.]



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