The Welsh Heathen on Social Media

I know I haven’t posted much here lately. I’ve been too busy with mundane life to write anything of any worth. Where I live presently I am unable to have an altar; small children and sacred spaces don’t mix. I’ve been working more which leaves me without any inclination to do any serious reading and study.

But on my days off I spend them in the mountains around where I now live. It is here where I feel most connected to my Ancestors and the Gods. In the roar of the wind and the singing of the birds, I hear Their voice. I am full of pride to look over the valleys and mountains that my ancestors have also resided around.

But that leads me to something else. Due to not have anything of worth for serious writing, but still wanting to do something I have created a Facebook page. I also have an Instagram which I have had and have posted to for a little while also. I’ll leave both their links at the bottom.



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